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Keep update!

In order to be the best partners for companies we focus our research work in new trends and future scenarios. We are always updated with the latest news and directions of the market. We collaborate as a team to share our knowledge and experience to the public as a source of inspiration and useful information. We don't predict the future but we are always prepared to face it. Keeping updated of what is happening in our market context and other market contexts make us a trustful and assertive in the design projects we are involved at with clients. 

In 2024, office furniture undergoes a significant transformation, driven by sustainability, technology, and user-focused design. As workplaces adapt to new demands, let's explore the key trends shaping office environments this year. From ergonomic innovations to AI integration, these trends aim to enhance productivity and well-being in the ever-changing landscape of work.

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For the 53rd China International Furniture Fair edition CIFF 2024, Vinci Design Studio was present to share our new direction "Crafting for the future" value and to analyze the Chinese furniture industry. We want to share our experience and some take aways from the exhibition with all of our readers.  

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