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Vinci Design is a multinational industrial design studio with office in Milano, Italy. Founded in 2009 by Vincenzo Vinci, we have established a strong reputation for good design internationally, with a multinational team working across industries to design original and innovative product and furniture pieces.


Piazza Aspromonte 45

20131 Milano, Italy

+39 02 36562107

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Vincenzo Vinci, founder

Wang Siwei, partner

Luigi Amendola, visual designer

Dario Javier Sosio, industrial designer

Simone Caronni, industrial designer

Justine Jia, industrial designer

Mia Xu, designer & operator



Golden prize as best furniture with the product Aulenti executive desk in Adesign Award.

Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum with the product Bunny.

Golden prize as best complements with the product Lotus side table in ADesign Award.

Golden prize as best furniture with the product Bend chair in ADesign Award.

Iron prize as best furniture with the product Bunny Low lounge chair in ADesign Award.

Golden prize “Best Technology” with the product Lotus side table in CIFF exhibition.

Golden prize “Best Design” with the project Bend chair in CIFF exhibition.

Golden prize “Best Configuration Office System” with the project Hello in CIFF exhibition

Golden prize “Best Stand Design” with the brand Rong in CIFF Exhibition.

Golden prize “Best Stand Design” with the brand Rong in Shanghai furniture fair.

Golden prize “Best Design” with the Status executive desk in CIFF exhibition.

Oscar of Packaging in 2006 with Goglio CoffeBox and Stone Island.

First prize of the competition “Materia Mutatis” with the Centertable 20-52, today into the family collection Poesie da Tavolo.



Understanding and designing physical products remains the main channel through which we support our clients.


We like to reinvent spaces exploring the public's imaginary and client's dreams into a context of modern times.



We help existing brands consolidate their identity according to their values, business needs and cultural mission.

  • Trend research, benchmark research and rilevancy analysis

  • Concept ideation

  • Design refinement

  • Design development

  • 3D and engineering 

  • Packaging

  • Experience design

  • Concept ideation

  • Functions analysis

  • Client experience analysis

  • Booth, point of sale and display design

  • Finishies and decorations

  • Fit in furnitures design

  • Brand DNA creation

  • Advertising concept

  • Communication design

  • Identity & design development

  • Booth, point of sale and display design

  • Digital brand expression

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Industrial Design since 2009

Vincenzo was born in Italy, in a mediterranean town, in a family with long craft tradition. He graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2006. Initially working for the next three years with Marco Fantoni which boasts a long experience in furniture design and contract project with TecnoThis experience could be likened to a traditional apprenticeship as Vincenzo learned first hand from a highly respected designer. Then working with Carlo Colombo in subsequent years had given great experience not only in how a product comes together but also in knowing what makes attractive a product.

Immediately after begin to provide exclusive, quality design services across an eclectic range of markets, from packaging to furniture, from retail to exhibition, then establishing his own studio developing a personal language and approach. Involved in projects in Italy and also abroad like in Brazil, China and Turkey, Vinci gained experience as project manager at different levels, he is enticed to both global needs and emerging markets. In tandem with his work, Vinci held classes, speech and workshop in many Universities with the purpose to promote the culture of design.

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